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Sun, Jun. 10th, 2007, 07:45 pm
Devious Journal Entry

Beached V
by =darthmarlan on deviantART

It's easy to forget about the power of nature while we're living our insular lives.

Nobby's Beach - Newcastle

Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006, 03:40 am

Sooo, I haven't updated this in a while. I kind of stopped posting, but now I'm back MWUAH!

Uhm, what's been happening eh? Hahaha, I spent 10 HOURS on an economics assessment yesterday *dies* AND AND AND it's only half done. OHHH well :)

Erm, what else? It's funny, cause I know all about India now, cause that's my case study *sigh* it's for my HSC!!! *balks in disbelief*

Yeah. My life kinda revolves around school and it's slighlty sad, ah well, it's alright I guess. We'll widen our horizons in a while.

Have speech n'drama exam soon *panics blindly* it's okaay i'm caaaalm. Sure. YAY. Geh, i'm just ranting because I just finished another 2 hours of econ :P *sigh*

What else? There's a movie coming out soon (or rather, I think has come out already in America) called The Bridge. It looks interesting, it explores the San Francisco Bridge and how people go there to commit suicide, yes a little morbid, but I think it would be interesting to watch.


Do you know how good it is to be able to help someone who's helped you at one point? :)


OH! Hmmmm you don't think alarm bells are ringing for anyone in Australia, yknow? In regards to global warming? yeah yeah, to anyone reading this, you'll probaly go. Oh. Meh. But but I mean, REALLY!! Icebergs from NZ... does THAT not make you slightly irksome? And then we're getting bushfires in blue mountains along with SLEET and SNOW in Queenland....... *blink* THE WORLD IS IN DENIAL *sigh*

Ah well, what can you do?

Tue, Jul. 18th, 2006, 05:56 pm

Helloooo All,

This is a post from Washington DC.. well no, Alexandria, and it's currently 40 degrees here.. well 100F.

We just got back from the Pentagon Shopping Mall.. so good, I could buy out Abercrombie and Finch.. yes it's sad.

I'm SO tired.. I miss Sydney actually, and all my friends, and believe it or not, some form of school.

Fri, Jun. 30th, 2006, 08:41 pm

Hellooo aaalllll.

Have a guess, am I:
a) really bored?
b) on a high?
c) both?

Anywho. Spent the past 2 days in the State Library of NSW. I am such a nerd, but I absolutely LOVE/ADORE/EEE! that place (jeez i am a nerd). It's soo cool.

I figured out what I want to do later.. you know.. career-wise: Economics + history + government + UN + international affairs + the lot... etc. Bachelor of Economics and Social Science/Law.. it should be good. Damn /law bit up-ed the UAI to 99.6 don't know if I'll make it :P *sigh*

So yes, I amused myself reading Economics stuff and Hansards of Parliamentary debates and Senate and Rep debates.. so cool :P At one point (oh yes) I was sitting in a dead-quiet library, flicking through parliamentary hansard of 2001 when a comment caught my eye: "because o'mahony is a cow" "order, senator, withdraw that comment" "i'm sorry, a cow does not deserve my sympathy" hahaha 'tis funny.

What else....? OhOHOHOH! Read Jane Eyre anyone?! Wellll.. (hehe *poke* steph) remember how Beatrice was like.. if there was only 'half benedick's tongue in count john's face' (without the slash involved :P) we-elll, rochester!!! <3 am in love. Rochester. Jane Eyre. Right. I'll leave you to it :D

Am officially in love with State Library of NSW + Rochester + Benedick.

Oh I got a group interview with Rebel in Hornsby :D

Wed, Jun. 28th, 2006, 05:37 pm

Time is but an illusion. I have no idea who said that, but I can only guarantee it wasn't me.

It's interesting... in Australia, I can get on a plane at 2pm on a Saturday and arrive in San Francisco at 10am on Saturday, don't tell me about time-zones -i know about them, thanks-...

It's just.. an illusion of time. What is it really? My dictionary seems not to realise that the word should not be used in the definition of a word. In any case, this is what it says:

1. the system of those relations which any event has to any other as past, present, or future; indefinite continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another.
2. a system or method of measuring or reckoning the passage of time.

...and more but I decided that they were quite irrelevant. Now.. 1.. the system of those relations which any event has to any other as past, present, or future;.. so is time measured in a way... that it dependent on other events? If there was no comparison, for example, would there be time? If we didn't have 'one milisecond' would 'one hour' still seem long? Perhaps, perhaps not.

the second one idges me. A system or method of measuring... (bah. measuring the passage of time) hmmmm see, what happened to Devil's day? 6/6/6 or whatever.. you know? Like.. for example, AD666 was apparently annihilated, never existed, etc. etc. does that mix up the 'passage of time'?

Time seems to be such a concrete yet.. intangible substance, yet.. could it be just a 'measure' (i know that' what the def. said) of.. how much we progress? Except I have a warped view because I'm a human and obviously i'll see things from a hard-boiled, egotistical,the-world-revolves-around-the-human-race view. I wonder how.. say.. my dog would view time (IF, yeah yeah, anthropomorthism and that) I wonder what he'd think... or if he'd be concerned about it.

People seem so obsessed with time. Not just on the surface like.. 'Oh! I must get this report in on Tuesday', but maybe.. 'where will i go when i die' (please, i'm an athiest, do not confuddle me with religious stuff irrelevant to the topic)

Then I guess, tehre's the existence of blackholes. Now, i'm no expert or even fit to be called an 'amateur' in this regard and anything to do with astronomy and all that, but they interest me. In science, they say (and i'm talking high school science lessons) blackholes may be transports to another dimension, etc. etc. and that's all cool. Well, that's pretty cool.

Well, there you have it and my disconcerted, everywhere rambling for the day :P Any thoughts, please leave them here. Even if it's... uhm. dude, you're psycho.


Wed, Jun. 28th, 2006, 04:41 pm

haha i've hit an all-time low. Much Ado About Nothing Fanfic *shakeshead*

All characters belong to Shakespeare, i do not intend on being sued by someone from teh grave.

----------*keep in mind:written at 3am*-------------

Beatrice: How didst thou chance to meet with such a fool as Signor Benedick?

Dohn Pedro: Am I not the Prince, my dear Lady that the finest fools are no less, but paraded before me?

Beatrice: Thou speakest fair, m'Lord. I'faith, by which wanton slice of chance didst Signor Benedick grace thy presence?

Dohn Pedro: Marry, Lady. Thou seeks the answers in fair earnest.

Beatrice: Oh, you jest! You jest! Leave not a maiden's snowy conscience raked by the claws of a raven. Only the flames of curiosity flicker beneath the enquiry.

Dohn Pedro: In all honesty, if thy curiosity is alighted, no less an answer must satisfy, therefore here, lend me your ear til next the clock striketh the hour.

Beatrice: Indeed my Lord, t'will be both pleasure and torture to mine ears.

{exeunt Beatrice and Don Pedro}

Benedick: How goes, Claudio the married man?

Claudio: It is as if, God willing, a second sun has been called upon in the shape of Leonato's daughter, answering to the name of 'Dear Hero', yet...

Benedick: (to anyone reading, this is where i start getting tired :P) Let not the wives-tales of love turn thee towards orthography, come, speak friend, what troubles thee? Thou lookest the cuckold, yet not a hair is out of place in your merry joining.

Claudio: T'is nothing. Nothing that is something, eaten yet hungry, rested yet ill. In this battle of opposing wit, I know not which to place my coin.

Benedick: Come, come. Speak plainly, not yet accustomed am I to your flowery linguistics.

Claudio: As clear as the stars twinkle in their night-time spheres, so I do love Hero.

Benedick: Then what causeth you sigh and look the very image a vexed man?

Claudio: I have none but to say. I love another.

-----hahahahahaha-------(streaks of insanity do run rife in mine family)

*shall add more later*

Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006, 01:46 pm
you're not alone in these story's pages

I got bored. I'm sitting here, listening to Pelle (yes, a techno song) and writing shit.

----may i tell you my method of writing? i covered my screen with an A4 sheet and typed away ----

One day a truly mysterious man appeared at my doorstep. ‘Can I come in?’ he asked… I just looked at him dumbly. What could I say?

‘Come in then… what do you want?’

‘Oh, only to have a cup of tea, my friend.’

So I settled him down near the rhododendrons.. blooming happily in their boxes… the yellow, orange Tuscan sun was beating down on the roof shingles, afternoon was approaching.

The man sat with his cup of tea, sipping slowly, letting the vapours drift up to his nose. Occasionally he wiped his mouth with a purple dotted handkerchief.

I rushed about the kitchen, doing this and that, watching as the customers filed in… and out again, to continue their busy schedules. The man continued to sit. For some reason or another (maybe because he was mysterious) the man got my attention.

He wore a black bowler hat, a dusty leather vest covering a white, ribbed shirt. On his feet he wore rugged business leather shoes. He was carrying a briefcase- one you saw in old movies.

In our little town of Ol’ De Paso, nobody carried a suitcase. The children went around kicking footballs, wearing naught but t-shirts and blue and red shorts.

The sand whipped in the wind, creating a mini sandstorm. The man sitting near the rhododendrons didn’t seem to care. He sipped happily away.

‘What is that man doing?’ asked Rhoena
‘I would have no idea, whatsoever’ I replied quite tartly, for my wife was looking very interested.

My wife was a beautiful creature, a true gypsy at heart, with black Argentinean locks and lips red as chillies. Her flamenco dress cascaded down and left a slight trail wherever she walked. Such a beautiful creature was my wife.

As I looked into the mirror I saw the man twitching. Sweat rolled down his neck and his bald head gleamed in the Argentinean sun.

He wiped his moustache and then he was done.

‘Would you have another cup of tea?’ he asked ever so gently,

I looked at him, gazed a little while then said.. ‘yes.. here, have another.’

My wife came around me from the back to add, ‘here my darling, have a cheese slice with that’

At that moment I felt envy seep into my veins.

------bleeep------- i feel like a genuine idiot.

What is it? I miss Alex. I miss her heaps. If she were here, i would not be writing shit like that. I'd be writing about something good. I feel like i want to write, but i don't know what or how or blah. i just do, and i miss alex.

alex. i miss you heaps. please come home soon.

Mon, Jun. 26th, 2006, 09:38 pm

You know you're addicted to Shakespeare when...

[x] You scream at the screen during TV shakespeare productions when they get it wrong
[x] Every line has a hidden meaning or inside joke attached
[x] You accidentally quote Shakespeare in your daily life
[x] You say something normal, which immediately segways into a Shakespeare quote
[x] There are more cast parties than cast members
[x] You've seriously considered starting a commune with your cast
[x] You accidentally call people by their character names
[x] Your AIM name is a quote from the show
[x] You go around the world finding productions of your show and compare it to yours
[x] Yours always wins
[x] You live vicariously through your character
[x] You go backstage and steal show memorabilia just to be nostalgic.
[x] You doodle pretty calligraphic cast lists instead of taking math notes
[x] You have written slash fanfiction based on the line "half Signor Benedick's tounge in Count John's mouth..."
[x] You have written slash fanfiction with no basis whatsoever
[x] You have shipper names for characters like Hodio and Benetrice. Or Pedrato.